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Hello and Welcome to my baking world!

My name is Kat and baking is my happy place.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 16.26.08

(This is not my kitchen. From the ‘DDR Museum in Berlin‘).


After years of living in house-shares with almost constant messy/dirty kitchen, my boyfriend and I finally have our own home where I can hone my skills 🙂

All of my childhood weekends mainly consisted of me waking up to the smell of freshly homemade bread or Danish buns made by my mum and I want to carry on that tradition and pass it on. Also, it keeps the neighbours happy when they’re presented with freshly baked goods!

As you’ll see, most of my baking (as opposed to my mother’s) will be cakes and if any bread/buns sneak into the blog, they’re likely to have a sweet filling.

I aim to bake at least a cake/bread per week on Sunday mornings while my B-person boyfriend has a lie-in.

As you’ll see, a lot of it will be chocolate-based as I live with a chocolate fanatic but I like to try new recipes, so hopefully you’ll find it varied enough to cater to most tastes.

Full disclosure: All recipes will be guilty pleasures and I’m not aiming to substitute with healthy ingredients.

Wherever possible, if a recipe calls for an obscure, specialised ingredient I will attempt to use a more readily available substitute – personally, I don’t like when a recipe calls for 1 tbsp of a certain ingredient, that only comes in packs of 500g that you’ll never use again.

After having cooked with plenty of different ovens I’ve come to the conclusion that they are all different, so my oven temperatures are guidelines – you know your own oven 🙂

My preferred music playlists are ‘Easy 80s’ and ‘The James Bond Collection’ by the City of Prague Philharmonics Orchestra (all available on Spotify) 🙂


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